Privacy Policy 2

Age Requirements: Minimum driving experience is 3 years. The driver must be 21 years old for A, B categories and 23 and above for the rest categories.

Driver’s license: Drivers must hold a valid driving license one year at least. An International Driving License is required by Greek Law for all renters that are not citizens of the European Community.

What document do I need to carry on for hiring a car?: Upon the arrival, a full valid driving license, passport or ID card are essential to fill the form together.

EARLY RETURN: Please note that we are unable to give a refund if you return the vehicle earlier than the reservation’s return date and time.

Cancelation policy via internet booking: Free cancelation 15 days earlier. If you cancel your reservation 1 to 14 days before the day of your booking, you will be charged with the amount of the deposit you have already paid.

Full insurance: Full insurance coverage without excess – no deductibles: In case of accident while you drive the vehicle from the right side of the road your responsibility may be waived to euro “0” – No excess. Covers fully any damage that may occur in the car without an accident being involved or when involved in an accident. Off road, bad or carelessness driving are not covering by the insurance.

Includes as well: Unlimited Kilometers: You can travel all around Crete without extra cost. Second Driver: Our office has got the ability to offer Second driver for free. Obliged to show upon the arrival driving license and id card.  W.U.G: Wheels, Underside, Glasses, Covers wheels, underside of the car (While you cause an accident upon the tarmac), glasses and mirrors, P.A.I: Personal Accident Insurance, provides insurance for the driver until the first 10.000,00€ damage on his body (hospitalization and medicine), T.P.I.: Third Part Insurance, covers fully the damage of the other car involved. T.W.I.: Theft Waiver Insurance, The customer is fully relieved in any case of theft of the vehicle. Customer’s responsibility may be waived to euro “0” – no excess. (When the keys are absent from the car. The lessee must always keep the keys with him). F.I.: Fire Insurance, The customer is fully relieved in any case of fire in the vehicle or parts of it (does not apply for personal belongings). 24/7 Assistance service.: All cars are insured for road assistance all over the island of Crete. There is always someone to help you in any case (problem, accident, etc). There is an emergency phone number on your form which you can call 24/7 every day.

Assistance Service 24/7 information: Our office has got the ability to offer you 24/7 Assistance service all over Crete’s tarmac. Assistance Service doesn’t include for Ballos beach and special off road beaches – Sand, like AgioFarago and other off road places. In case the customers violate the terms then they have to pay an extra cost of 800€ for a special Assistance service to take out the car and customers obliged to repair the car and the company is obliged to refund the cost of the damaged car.

In case of accident: It is recommended to contact our office directly in the event of required roadside assistance. In the event of an accident the renter must inform immediately the company and the nearest police station to obtain an accident report which eliminates the renter from any responsibility. Without this report the renter is responsible for the full amount of the repairs. In case of drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs or driving on unauthorized roads, obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle, renter will be responsible for the full amount of charges.

Can i change my rental dates?: In case you want to change the rental dates, it is possible but it always depends on the availability of the cars (high season – high demand).

Cleaning fees: The client is obliged to return the vehicle in the situation he/she received it. Our vehicles are always clean and never dirty. In case that the customer returns back a full dirty car, he will be charged at least with the amount of 80,00€ cash for extra cleaning fees.

Traffic Violations, Traffic Fines and Administrative Sanctions: All traffic fines incurred during the rental period are renter’s responsibility. Tickets and appended administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic law during rental period, is solely the renter’s responsibility. If any such administrative sanction is not disclosed to the company at the end of the rental period (contract), the violation will be charged to the renter. (e.g. number-plates taken by the police, car taken by the police or car blocked by wheel clamps, etc). Our company inform immediately by the municipal police of Crete for any of violations.

Replacement in case of brake down: Your damaged vehicle will be replaced with an another one, so that you continue your vacation. In circumstances where we cannot replace the damaged vehicle, you are free to claim the cost of the remaining rental days. Replacement or refund will not take place if driving with negligence. (Our company has the right to investigate the causes of the accident/breakdown and deny the replacement of the car if the use of the car was against terms & conditions). Our company is not obliged to replace this brake down car with the same type of car. If the customer does not accept the replacement, Intercars car rental Crete is not obliged to return the remaining amount corresponding to the period of days remaining.

Do you block any money via credit card for guarantee?: Intercars car rental Crete doesn’t block any money via customers’ credit cards. We are not brokers.

Can I take the vehicle on the boat and go across the Cretan borders?: Ferrying the car to and from any island or mainland is not allowed.

If I have my credit cards’ coverage, do I have to buy Intercars extra insurance?: Full Insurance is including by default in all rates. Although, if you wish to avoid this insurance, note please that Intercars car rental Crete corporation will not deal with foreign policies or credit card companies in the event of damages to the hired vehicle. Renters will have to pay for damages on return of vehicle and Intercars car rental Crete corporation will issue them copies of all paperwork so they may make the claim themselves.

Car delay: In case of delay of returning the vehicle, the customer is obliged to call our office. A maximum tolerance of 30 minutes is allowed. If returns the car later than agreed without warning, for the first 30 minutes, he will be charged with the amount of 20,00€ extra. On the other hand, if he will be delay over 1 hour, is obliged to pay a daily rental to the company.

Key loss: The customer is liable for all costs to replace keys which have been lost or damaged, the cost of retrieval of keys which have been locked inside a vehicle.

GPS: GPS damage/lose or destroy are not covering by the insurance.

Tires Damage: Flat Tire in case of nail, block or small puddle: The customer obliged to inform our office via an email or phone call and replace it with the spare wheel and in a low speed drive the vehicle to the nearest store to fix the damaged one. At the end of the rental period, show the receipt and we will refund the total cost for this damage.

Flat Tire in case over speed or off road, bad or carelessness driving:  In case that the tire is completed damaged and not possible to fix (Non-repairable/burst), the customer is obliged to call our office and then we investigate the causes of the tire damaged and if the customers are against terms & conditions, they will be charged with the full amount of the tires damaged to fix.

Additional Information. There are some affordable exceptions that the customers must know on Insurance Coverage:

  • Insurance will be void if an accident occurs where drugs or alcohol are involved. Smoking is forbidden in the car. No insurance company covers the damages of an accident if the driver was driving against the Law or did not call us immediately from the accident place. Similarly, the insurance does not cover the broken top in cabriole cars and the soft top vehicles. (example: you close the roof when the boot is full with luggage). 
  • No insurance covers the loss of any part of the vehicle’s (e.g. boot cover, wheel cover, number plates etc.)

The renter will be required to inform the rental agent immediately of any accident                  otherwise the insurance is not valid! The renter must take the following measures:

  • Obtain as much as possible details of the persons involved in the accident as well as of any possible witnesses.
  • Immediately provide the rental agent with all the details regarding the accident, which may be of use.
  • Immediately notify the authorities if the third party should be investigated or in the event of injured persons.
  • Do not leave the vehicle without taking correct measures to protect and safeguard it.

Baby seat, child car seat and booster seat: Our office has the ability to offer baby seat, child seats and booster seats for free, without any extra charge. Special child car seats ( Ferrari ) are cost 3 euros extra per day.

Taxes: V.A.T (Value Added Tax) 24% is included in our rates.